"How did you find her?!"

"Wow, that was fast!"

"How did you find
that phone number?!"

"What skip tools are you using?!"




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Wayfinder specializes in locating people and assets exclusively on behalf creditors and lending institutions.

The Challenge

With rising delinquency rates and increasing charge-offs, creditors are facing challenges in their efforts to minimize losses.  Time wasted on inaccurate customer location information translates to larger roll rates and lost opportunities. In addition,  consumers have become more and more sophisticated at avoiding creditor inquiries by hiding their location and the collateral associated with their loan. Skip tracing servicer accuracy has decreased because their success largely depends on both the level of experience of the investigator and the tools they use. Indeed, skilled employees have become a scarce resource as of late, and many use outdated platforms holding old location information.  Adding insult to injury, lenders are paying exorbitant fees for poor or mediocre data.  Simply put, not all location service providers are equal and some creditors are unaware that they could do better.  

The Solution

Like advertising, when done correctly, location services should not “cost” a lender anything. Wayfinder Locate combines over 50 years of professional experience focusing on difficult collateral types with modernized and enhanced skip tracing tools, resulting in high success rates locating people and secured assets.

The benefits of outsourcing skip tracing to Wayfinder include:

  • Quick and accurate location data
  • Decreased delinquency and forward roll rates
  • Increased backward roll rates
  • Enabling your internal recovery staff to work more effectively and efficiently


Wayfinder Locate: Saving creditors time, and time is money.



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